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The Department of engineering consists of ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science degree programs in both Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science. These programs prepare students for careers in industry and for further study in graduate engineering programs.

If you are having trouble deciding which engineering program is right for you, here is some more information about each program and the types of careers each will prepare you to pursue. You will find even more details, including the program of study for Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Manufacturing Engineering in this section of the website.

Computer Engineering

If you are interested in computer systems and how they work, as well as how various systems work together, computer engineering may be a good career choice for you. Computer engineers design, produce, operate and maintain computers and digital systems. Their skills are in high-demand, and they may find careers related to the following and more:

  • Design of computer-based data systems
  • Analysis and design of computer hardware
  • Development of computer software
  • Positions related to computer applications and digital technology

Manufacturing Engineering

If you enjoy making things or figuring out how they are made, then Manufacturing Engineering might be a good career choice for you. Manufacturing engineers plan, direct and coordinate new products from the design stage to production right to the delivery to customers.

 They have rewarding careers, including managerial positions, in the public and private sector, and even run their own businesses. They may work in jobs involving the following and more:

  • Computer-aided design
  • Robotics
  • Statistical process control
  • Computer-integrated manufacturing systems

Manufacturing engineers not only determine how to make products, but also how to make them better, whether it be safer for the environment, more durable, or less expensively.

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