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Dawit Haile

Haile, Dr. Dawit, PhD

Mathematics & Economics

Professor of Mathematics; Computer Science Associate Dean for the College of Engineering and Technology

Phone: 804-524-5461 or 804-524-1205
Location: Hunter McDaniel 202Sb; Engineering Building, EB 315b


  • BS, MS - Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
  • MS - Virginia Commonwealth University
  • PhD - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 


  • Ad-hoc networks and unit disk graphs, Cluster based routing using k-tree, minimal separators in chordal graphs.
  • Discrete wavelet transformations and image compression.
  • Developing fault-based software testing techniques.
  • Dynamical Systems in Mathematical Biology, Game Theory


  • Dawit Haile, ZhifuXie, “Long-time behavior and Turing patterns in a three species food chain model with a Holling type-II functional response.” Journal of Mathematical Biosciences, 2015.
  • Gebeyehu Belay Gebremeskel , Dawit Haile, Chai Yi , Zhongshi He, “Combined data mining techniques based patient data outlier detection for healthcare safety.” International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics, 2016.
  • Yongjing Lu, Zhifu Xie, Jing Zhang, Dawit Haile, Keith Williamson “Mathematical Modeling on Social Economic Network via Game Theoretical Approach.” Accepted for publication in ASEE, 2016
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