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Information Logistics Technology Program Objectives


Short Term Objectives 

  1. You will learn to communicate effectively and interact in both technical and nontechnical business environments.
  2. As a student, you will participate in basic and/or applied research projects to gain experience in solving real-world problems
  3. You will gain a thorough understanding of business processes that will afford you an opportunity to obtain certificates in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Sigma Six
  4. You will take advantage of our unique learning environment to actualize your own ideas by utilizing our maker space platform.
  5. You will have an opportunity to gain industry experience as you conceive, formulate design a system or process to meet desired needs
  6. You will develop job readiness skills by utilizing advanced technologies such as SAP, PLM, GIS to support industry data needs, designing prototypes and mapping analytics.
  7. You will have an opportunity to focus on specialized coursework involving big data management; product design, and integration; enterprise resource planning, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Long Term Objectives 

  1. Graduates will earn advanced degrees or advanced certificates in engineering, technology, business, or related technical fields.  
  2. Graduate will advance professionally in leadership both within a chosen technical field and more broadly within the community.  
  3. Graduates will contribute as entrepreneurs and innovators by adapting to new technology and career challenges.
  4. Graduates will publish scholarly articles, pursue patents and be responsive to societal, legal, ethical, and environmental challenges
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