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The manufacturing engineer is responsible for helping design manufacturing processes as well as deciding how to build the product after the design specifications are determined. Students will learn about engineering materials and their transformations through manufacturing processes into products.

Our program prepares students with a strong technical foundation in conventional manufacturing engineering and provides them with the tools to face the challenges of globalized marketplaces, ecologically conscious and interdisciplinary business environments.

Through innovative curricula, teamwork approach, and leadership-building experience, our graduates take technical and managerial responsibilities in a wide spectrum of industries. Our curriculum is developed to provide a balanced knowledge of product design, material, manufacturing process, manufacturing systems, manufacturing automation and robotics, quality assurance, and project management. This curriculum is implemented in conjunction with hands-on experimental activities in our advanced machining, computer integrated manufacturing, material engineering, manufacturing automation, and quality control laboratories. Besides laboratory experiences, we offer our students a rich educational experience in interdisciplinary research through senior projects, manufacturing design implementation, extra curriculum activities, and interaction with our exceptional faculty at the forefront of their fields. Through all these concerted endeavors we have been successful in offering our students flexibility in building a path to fit their professional goals and needs.

Quick facts of Computer Engineering Program

Degree Offered: B.S. in Computer Engineering

Program Student Enrollment Data

Academic Year Total Enrollment
2013-2014 69
2012-2013 59
2011-2012 43
2010-2011 37
2009-2010 32

Program Degree Awarded 

Academic Year


2012-2013 4
2011-2012 5
2010-2011 4
2009-2010 4
2008-2009 3

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